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At Magic Mind we coach the “Silva Method” which is a method of mind control techniques which have proven highly effective. The method is practical and focuses on taking one to the spiritual enlightenment stage.

The  programme is a unique, scientifically-proven process consisting of 16 mind-directing workouts. José Silva, considered a genius by some, developed the Silva Method as a plan to continuously broaden one’s consciousness. By boosting a person’s capability to focus and make use of your broadened thinking one should achieve mental benefits to meet goals.

The Silva Method has been designed for everybody. During the past 4 decades of its existance The Silva Method has been taught to individuals of every age group and walk of life.

The Silva Method is designed to help increase your overall mind power and brain-wave activity. It’s quite likely that you have taken note that you are nowhere near “super-human” and for some reason, you have not obtained all of the peace of mind,  creative  fulfillment, and material security that you would like. One of the reasons why you have not yet obtained those things is because of the way you think.

The  Method comprises of a series of  exercises  that allow you to become more in tune with yourself, your surroundings, and your thoughts. For many, The Silva Method has been able to help break bad habits such as  smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, and overeating.

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  1. Have just strated with Silva Mind Control ( using instructions from his book) Would like to contact other South Africans in my vicinity (Western Cape) busy with Silva Mind Control

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